Flipa Summit 2021

Antropología de Negocios + Inteligencia Artificial

Viaja a Nuevos Mundos / Travel to New Worlds

June 4 & 5 2021

3 Ejes temáticos

Speakers Internacionales + Greet and Meet + Artista Invitado

Talks en Inglés y Español/ Talks in English and Spanish

Casos de Negocio

Los Speakers de este eje se centrarán en compartir los usos de la Antropología Aplicada a los negocios y Ciencias Sociales en la implementación de proyecto de Inteligencia Artificial: Frameworks y resultados de negocio.


Business cases using Anthropology and Social Sciences and AI : What has been done, frameworks, and results.



Los speakers de este eje responderán ¿Cuál es el futuro de la combinación entre ciencias sociales y el comportamiento de las máquinas? y ¿Cómo pueden las empresas usar este insumo?


Future Perspectives: What is the future of the future of machine behavior + social sciences applied to the business setting

Mindset Ficciones

Este eje es un espacio con historias de ficción sobre posibles usos innovadores entre la antropología aplicada a los negocios y la inteligencia artificial.


Fiction Thinking on possible innovative uses between anthropology and AI.


Cada día revelaremos un nuevo Speaker

Each speaker will be revealed on a daily basis, stay tune

Katarina Graffman

PhD in Cultural Anthropology, has studied Swedish culture and business for over 20 years. She founded and runs Inculture, a Stockholm-based consultancy that provides ethnographic research and anthropological analysis on contemporary culture, trends and branding, and has worked for many organizations including IKEA, Volvo, Skanska, Danone, BBC.


June 4: 10 -10:30 am (Colombia time)

(Talk will be in English)

With consumer algorithms we see a new turn in market research and analysis. Instead of understanding why people behave in certain ways and make certain choices, companies use Big Data to transform humans to docile consumers. So what does that really mean for social sciences and for society at large?

Yuebai Liu

Yuebai is a social scientist by training and storyteller at heart.

With 10 years experience, she leads global qualitative research and strategy projects at the intersection of culture, tech and policy. She started her journey in international development before moving to business anthropology, but her work-life remains that of searching for different perspectives to understand the complex world in which we live.

Yuebai works with a variety of startups and organizations including Spotify, Condé Nast, Omidyar Network. She holds an MSc from The LSE.

Matthew Short

Matthew Short is a freelance cultural analyst who specialises in arts as culture research, predominantly with Square Culture.

With one foot in the creative industries and one foot in the research field, his work bridges the gap between creative practice and social science.

Within the UK and Scandinavian context, Matthew consults with creative/arts organisations to present the cultural contexts that shape people's experiences of the arts. He has a passion for literature and theatre and can be found reviewing books or working as a dramaturg for Teater Dictat in Sweden.


June 4 : 11:30am- 12pm (Colombia time)

(Talk will be in English)

Through the lens of imagining machine behaviour and the social sciences, I argue for ethnofiction as a method to contextualise, understand,and work with the human emotions tied up in potential human/machine relationships.


Diseñadora estratégica e investigadora de experiencia de usuari_s con formación en Antropología Sociocultural (FFyL- UBA).

Más de 5 años de experiencia como parte de equipos de diseño en diversas empresas e industrias, siendo la banca y finanzas las principales.

Actualmente es Design Researcher en Garaje de Ideas para BBVA España.

Talk: In Spanish/Charla en Español

June 4: 2-2:30 pm (Colombia time)


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